Methodology Issues

Kültür  ve  İletişim (Culture and Communication), 2001, 4 (2), pp. 185-207

Methodology Issues: Problems in Published Empirical Research in Turkey

İrfan Erdoğan


This article, mainly using the positivist-empiricist theoretical framework, is an assessment of the present state of empirical research design and statistical analysis in Turkey. The main objective of the study is to illuminate the problem areas in applied and/or administrative social research and prompt concerned parties to design research in order to determine the extent of the problem and provide proper suggestions for plausible solutions. Examination of published empirical research indicates that there are widespread design and statistical usage problems, stemming from the lack of knowledge, expertise, ethic and rigor (from the standpoint of the mainstream theory), and rooted in dominant mode and relations of academic life (from the perspective of Marxist oriented critical schools in general).



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