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·       A Critical Analysis of the Established Explanations about the Nature of Ecotourism. (N. Erdoğan ile) Journal of Business Research, 4 (4), 2012.

·       Missing Marx: The Place of Marx in Current Communication Research and the Place of Communication in Marx’s Work tripleC 10(2): 349-391, 2012.

·       Smoking at School: Views of Turkish University Students, (N. Erdogan ile) International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 6: 36-50,  2009.

·       Methodology Issues: Problems in Published Empirical Research in Turkey. Kültür ve İletişim (Culture and Communication), 4 (2): 185-207, 2001.

·       Television Uses of The Children in a Turkish Town. Journal of Broadcasting, 29 (2), 1985.


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